Melinda Davis
Away with me
I used to believe that things work out how they should
But I was decieved cause God knows it shouldn't be like this
So close your eyes and walk away
You're more than what they say

*Run away with me
No good can come from us being here
Gonna do what's right for me
Just who should have priority in my own life*

They'll have you believe that there's nothing else out there
But lift up your head and you'll see
Life holds so much more
So hold your tears and walk away
You're more than what they say


**Flowers can't grow where there's no sun
You won't be free until you run
How can you learn things that you're never shown**

Lyrics Credits: Melinda Davis
Music Credits: Melinda Davis
Producer Credits: Raul Santiago
Song Length: 4:14
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -