Melinda Davis
The Best of Me
If, if I let you hold me would you never let me,
never let me go
And if, if I let you kiss me would you never ask me,
never ask for more than I can give, than I can give

**Cause if you can?t promise me
the world in the palm of your hand
And if you can?t show me how good love can be
Then I can?t give you the best of me**

If, if I show you my smile will you always keep me as happy as can be
And if, if I tell you my dreams will you dream with me, until we find a way to make them ours, to make them ours


*You know I?m not the type to settle just to settle down
And you know that my heart and soul are all I have
that mean anything at all*

If, if I let you in here would you never want to,
never want to leave
And if, if I show you my soul, would you see deeper than anybody else


Moving On
Sit down there are things I need to say
I stayed standing anyway
I knew exactly what was running through your head
How lately things have fallen apart
How I will always have a little piece of your heart

*If you want to leave I won't be standing in your way
You know that I'm too proud to beg and plead
to make you stay
But take your time and make sure this is
what you wanna do
Cause by the time you realize I'm gone
I'll be moving on*

I must admit sometime I cry
When I think of you and I
At night I lie in bed and think of what went wrong
I just need a chance to catch my breath
But I'll be alright in time of that I can be sure


**It takes time to make things right
I know it won't be easy
But you're giving up without a fight
Has the last straw finally broken us beyond repair**


Another Way
Are you on the hunt or on the run
Or just watching everyone play their stupid games
I'm walking but the path I choose is my own
Who are you to say that I'm doing things all wrong
Though you might be right

*But am I cutting off my wings just to spite my fate
And if I ever want to win does it mean I have to play
Stuck in the same place for so long
Is there another way*

I'm stubborn, a trait that can fuel self-sabotage
How long should I refuse to move
while things pass me by
Mistakes yeah I've made more than a few
But each time I walked away, I know that I had left
With more than I knew


**Fall into line
Don't waste you time wandering aimlessly
Live life this way
Could be unhappy like you someday**

Never Gonna Change
How many times can I believe you
How many times can I be let down
Promises are easier to break
I know the worst of habits
Always have the tightest hold
But its up to you to wanna let it go

*Someday in life you'll want back
All you left behind when
You were content to lose it all*

** You say you're sorry but I know you're
Never gonna change, never gonna change
Oh no
You say don't worry but I know you're
Never gonna change, never gonna change
The way you are**

I wish that you could see this
Through the eyes of those who care
See how hard it is to watch you disappear
I know now I can't save you
If you don't wanna save yourself
Want can't change the will of someone else


BRIDGE: Don't you know the price you pay
For a mirage that quickly fades
To reveal the hell your hands create
And this weighs on all of us
And you know it hurts so much
To know that love's just not enough