Melinda Davis
Another way
Are you on the hunt or on the run
Or just watching everyone play their stupid games
I'm walking but the path I choose is my own
Who are you to say that I'm doing things all wrong
Though you might be right

*But am I cutting off my wings just to spite my fate
And if I ever want to win does it mean I have to play
Stuck in the same place for so long
Is there another way*

I'm stubborn a trait that can fuel self-sabotage
How long should I refuse to move while things pass me by
Mistakes yeah I've made more than a few
But each time I walked away, I know that I had left
With more than I knew


**Fall into line
Don't waste you time wandering aimlessly
Live life this way
Could be unhappy like you someday**
Lyrics Credits: Melinda Davis
Music Credits: Melinda Davis
Producer Credits: John DeGrazio
Song Length: 4:14
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -