Melinda Davis
Moving on
Sit down there are things I need to say
I stayed standing anyway
I knew exactly what was running through your head
How lately things have fallen apart
How I will always have a little piece of your heart

*If you want to leave I won't be standing in your way
You know that I'm too proud to beg and plead
to make you stay
But take your time and make sure this is
what you wanna do
Cause by the time you realize I'm gone
I'll be moving on*

I must admit sometime I cry
When I think of you and I
At night I lie in bed and think of what went wrong
I just need a chance to catch my breath
But I'll be alright in time of that I can be sure


**It takes time to make things right
I know it won't be easy
But you're giving up without a fight
Has the last straw finally broken us beyond repair**

Lyrics Credits: Melinda Davis
Music Credits: Melinda Davis
Producer Credits: John DeGrazio
Song Length: 3:54
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -