Melinda Davis
The Best of Me
If, if I let you hold me would you never let me go, never let me go
And if, if I let you kiss me would you never ask me, never ask for more than I can give, than I can give

**Cause if you can?t promise me
the world in the palm of your hand
And if you can?t show me how good love can be
Then I can?t give you the best of me**

If, if I show you my smile will you always keep me as happy as can be
And if, if I tell you my dreams will you dream with me, until we find a way to make them ours, to make them ours
*You know I?m not the type to settle just to settle down
And you know that my heart and soul are all I have that
mean anything at all*
If, if I let you in here would you never want to leave, never want to leave
And if, if I show you my soul, would you see deeper than anybody else
Lyrics Credits: Melinda Davis
Music Credits: Melinda Davis
Producer Credits: Drew Ferrante
Song Length: 4:03
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -